Monday, May 30, 2011


Today I start my verbal dysentery of truth.  My name is Anomie Fatale, not really. but it is who I've become after the onset of a mysterious neurological condition, and the failed experimental surgeries that have been done since to treat and to understand it.  I was twenty years old when I was Kelianne Murray.  I was twenty years old when she died. She was a 4.0 biochemistry college student, with an aspirational interest in the field of medical research.  She dropped out and became medical research instead.

The Cast of Symptoms (in order of appearance)
Palinopsia- the persistance of visions/afterimages
Visual Vertigo- the visual warping of space
Vertigo- the sensation of that warping
(Basically/Enigmatically ALL of my perseptual reality is warping as if underwater)
Visual Disturbances/Distractions/Amusements:  Visual snow with intermittent zigzag light shows, rainbow nebulas, scintillating scotomas,  flashing lights, wave pools of light that are seen best when the eyes are closed.
Headquaking (chronic and constant)
Noodleness of limbs
Dizziness: intermittent vestibular carousel and spinning tea-cup-machine rides.
Blood pressure irregularities: Dysautonomia: Syncope (Fainting)
Post traumatic Stress

The Diagnosis: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, causing spontaneous intracranial hypotension, causing Arnold Chiari Malformation.  There is a complication of the hydrodynamics of the cerebral spinal fluid around my brainstem resulting in abnormal pressure levels on certain nerves and tissues...causing them to malfunction.  I have undergone surgical experiments that have only had minimal success in treating some symptoms, and have made some much worse.  My brain has been cauterized, the back of my skull has been removed without a prosthetic replacement, and my head is fused solid in place on top of my spine with titanium like a bionic mannequin.

I am medicated with music, I am a singer-songwriter with a band named "Great Neck" , after the place where these surgeries have all been performed.  I fully commend, advocate, and admire the surgeons of The Chiari Institute, who are looked upon by stagnant western medicine as modern-Mengeles due to the questionable morality of their anatomical curiosities and invasive methods of their experimentations.   But all knowledge is a destination arrived at from of a journey of mistakes.  Through error as an answer to the question.  And if i can keep one head from breaking, then I shall not live in vain.
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